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Resellerclub VPS hosting review

Rating : 4.5 out of 5
resellerclub VPS hosting Review 2019

After Researching hosting provider and review resellerclub write this review for User so they can get all details in Single blog for In depth information in Resellerclub VPS Hosting.

ResellerClub is an ICANN-accredited registrar and a part of The Directi Group. Its headquarters is in Mumbai, India, with offices in Xiamen, China, and Albion, Australia. The company provides email hosting, SSL certification, web hosting, website builder, domain names, and web design services.They provide registration services for over 50 gTLDs and ccTLDs.

ResellerClub allows domain owners to sell their domain names to others. ResellerClub announced in October, 2012, that it had sold 11,000 .pro domains in the first month of it offering the domain.

This immediately put the registrar in 5th place for the total number of .pro domains under registration, which at that time had a total registration figure of 155,000 domains. Read our Resellerclub Hosting Review

pros and cons of Resellerclub VPS Hosting :


  • Multiple Server Location
  • Lowest Price High Configuration server
  • 30 Day Moneyback guarantee


  • No free automatic backups
  • irresponsive phone support
  • Limited Disk space
  • Limited Bandwith
Overall Resellerclub VPS Hosting Rating :
Type Price (in $ monthly basis)
Standard 15.49
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Business 23.99
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Pro 41.99
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Elite 50.99
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Overview :

resellerclub VPS hosting price
price showing as per official resellerclub website

Why Choose resellerclub VPS hosting ?

Hosting Infrastructure
  • VPS Servers powered by KVM
  • VPS Server with Free SSD
  • Instant Setup
  • Free Migration with VPS Hosting
  • Ease of Management
  • Ideal for Reselling
High performance


  • SSD storage : Solid State Drives to boost performance
  • Easy upgrade : Increase your resources as per your needs
  • Multiple Linux Distros : Choose from various operating systems
  • System Admin Support : 24/7 Expert Support for your Servers
  • Guaranteed Resources : All resources are your own
  • Full Root Access : Complete Customization to fit your hosting needs
  • Quick Provisioning : Get fully operational VM within minutes
  • DDos Protection : Active network monitoring, IP blocking by Neustar
  • Intuitive Dashboard : Easier server management with our in-house panel
Easy SSL Installation

Easy SSL Installation

Installing SSL Certificates on your website is an essential part of building your website and Hostgator Windows Hosting enables you to install an SSL on your order with SNI that allows the same server to use multiple digital certificates.
Ready to harness the benefits of cloud hosting services but not sure how to go about it? Don’t worry, our team of expert support agents is here to help you utilize our cloud infrastructure to its maximum potential.
Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with resellerclub, resellerclub will refund your payment. No hassle, no risk to start your journey with resellerclub today.

Specification :

resellerclub VPS hosting Plan Details
Type :
Memory :
Storage :
Bandwith :
Price (in $ monthly basis) :
Standard 2 2 GB 30 GB HDD Disk Space 1 TB 15.49
Business 2 4 GB 60 GB HDD Disk Space 2 TB 23.99
Pro 3 6 GB 120 GB HDD Disk Space 3 TB 41.99
Elite 4 8 GB 240 GB HDD Disk Space 3 TB 50.99
Available Add Ons: cPanel @ $8.49 | Plesk renews @ $5.49 | Dedicated IP @ $2.50 | SAN Storage [email protected] 0-50 GB / $2.50
30 day Money Back Guarantee
99.9% Uptime with best in class support

Review :

Please Note below Review Based on Reasearch From so many websites for Customer who really want to buy resellerclub Cloud hosting. This review based on Possitive and Negative points. resellerclub gives very Cheap VPS Hosting at $ 15.49/month free SSL so Try Now if you don't like their is 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

resellerclub Customer Ratings From web


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Carrie Dickson
Nov. 20, 2018

Hosting solution that is simplified for users
I recently purchased multiple domain hosting with a cPanel from ResellerClub. They have made hosting easy for newbies like me. I wanted to shift from a blog/multiple blogs to proper commercial websites. Not to mention they also he lped me buy a .COM domain. I have been using their service for maybe a little over 3 months now and everything is running smoothly. No urbulence/issues whatsoever. Their up-time and support team are probably the highlights of their service. Great to be using ResellerClub’s cheap hosting plans.

Nathan Pietrowski
Oct. 31, 2018

Transparent and reliable hosting brand Service used: VPS - VPS 3 I moved from shared hosting to VPS hosting since I required private access to my hosting. A colleague who was a reseller suggested me ResellerClub since it has a great name in the industry.

Hanu B Krishna
Sep. 19, 2018

Reseller Club the most stupid service Service used: VPS - VPS 1 My websites are down and I am trying to reach to the team on their customer care number and it takes 45 mins for the agent to get connected and after that, they put me on hold and call get disconnected. This happens repeatedly. Account manager Manik Bajaj don't even respond.

Janus De Boer
United States
Sep. 11, 2018

Best hosting service I have experienced so far Service used: VPS - VPS 1 Outstanding is the word. Really quick hosting speed with lots and lots and lots of features. I am extremely please with ResellerClub's support, service, hosting and over all performance. Kudos!

Jitendra Sood
May 9, 2018

Great renewal plans and discount Service used: VPS - VPS 4 Using the VPS package provided by ResellerClub for more than 2 years now. Their quarterly and yearly renewal rates are awesome. I have saved lots by sticking to ResellerClub.




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